Why is it so Hard to get healthy?

Why is it so hard to get healthy when healthy looks this good?

Why is it so hard to get healthy when it looks this beautiful?
Why is it so hard to get healthy when healthy looks this good?

Why is it so hard to lose weight and eat healthy?  We all have good reasons for needing to get healthier and lose weight, but it is always hard to stick to a diet or exercise plan?  We blame many things–work, lack of time, body aches and pains, lack of money, etc.  But I believe the real reason is fear.  Fear of going to the gym and exposing ourselves to possible stares from other people, fear of not being able to stick to it, fear of not doing the exercises correctly.  Fear of putting ourselves out there for judgment.  Fear of failing.

I know I am scared to begin.  I am afraid that I will fail, or have a heart attack.  I am afraid of letting my partner down. But, that does not mean I am not going to give this my best attempt.  I know I may stumble along the way, and make mistakes, but I know that for my own sake, I HAVE to get healthier.  I HAVE to lose weight.  I HAVE to eliminate or reduce some of my current medical problems.  And, I know that the only way to do any of this is to eat better, healthier meals and get some exercise.  So with this in mind, I am hoping to share some of the healthy recipes that we find, and also some tips for buying healthier foods on a tight budget.  I have discovered that changing one or two things initially can help one feel better and get the most for their money.  Please stay tuned because in the next few days Mel and I both will be sharing those tips to get started.

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