My Diabetes Medication Failed Me

You know it is funny when we are always shocked when we find out that something is wrong with our health?

I mean like we couldn’t see that coming with the double cheese burgers, fries, pizza, and let’s not forget chocolate that we scarf down in less than thirty minutes before we go back to our desks to sit on our butts for another four hours. Then we go home and shove something else down our gullets while watching the latest crime show on TV sitting on the couch or laying in bed until we fall asleep—only to get back up and drag our butts out of bed to do it all over again.

Okay maybe that wasn’t your life, but it certainly was mine.

I blame the invention of the remote controlled TV because at least if I didn’t have a remote I would have to get up to change the channel.

Oh who am I kidding? Even if I didn’t have a remote I would probably just move my chair closer to the TV so I wouldn’t have to get up to change it.

The thing is, my being overweight and developing health problems didn’t happen instantly and it sure as hell is not going to change instantly!

Being of a stubborn mind, and because I grew up in a house hold that stuck by the “throw a pill at it and everything will be just fine” mantra I wanted results right away.

I know—stupid—but, I thought that was what was going to happen when the doctor prescribed me with my two new pills to control my diabetes.  They were Metformin and Glipizide by the way.

Now to give the doctor credit, he said “You need to change your diet and exercise along with taking these pills and your diabetes will stay in control.”

That whole phrase stayed in my head for about two weeks before gradually the part about changing my diet and exercising began to be forgotten and the part about taking the pills will control your diabetes stayed.

Isn’t it weird how when we are in dire need of help we seek out the attention of a medical doctor, but when the doctor says something we don’t want to hear we conveniently forget it.

That is exactly what I did for two years.  I instead of losing weight, I gained about 75lbs.

Yeah, crazy huh?

I can’t believe it now either, but at the time it was like I went into destruct mode and ate everything I could because I had this back up of little pills that I took twice a day.

Then one day it was like I had the veil lifted and I realized that I was 352lbs, had swelling feet, was exhausted all the time, and I had constant headaches.

It took really looking in a full length mirror at my mother’s house (I didn’t even own one in my own) that I came to the realization that the backup plan of the pills was not working at all.

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