Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Part 2

health-benefits-of-juicingLast night my partner and I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Part 2. We had watched Part 1 several months before, and were eager to see what FSND 2 had to offer. I really like the concept of juicing to reboot my body and to get rid of the toxins that I have been putting into my body all these years. I have let myself go quite a bit lately ( I currently weigh 278 lbs. and I am 5′ 2″), and I really need a change. I want to increase my energy levels, and sleep better at night, and just feel better all around.

I really identified with Phil, who was also in the first documentary with Joe Cross. Phil was a truck driver who had multiple health problems. Phil tried the juicing plan that Joe was promoting, and he lost a lot of weight doing so. He got off of his medications and truly looked healthier and happier. He also appeared in the 2nd documentary, and had had somewhat of a setback. He had gone through a divorce and had regained a lot of his weight. He said he felt alone with no type of support system, but he wanted to get his life and his health back on track.

I identified with Phil in the sense that I also want to get my life and my health back on the right track. I have no energy, my allergies have gotten worse, I have digestive problems, and I just feel “blah”  most of the time. I really think that at least doing the juicing reboot for a few days–maybe a week–would help me get the impurities out of my system and help me get back on the right track.  So I guess my next major purchase will be a juicer.  I have a Nutribullet and the Ninja mixer, but they do not work the same as a bonafide juicer.  Believe me, I have tried them both, and it is not the same as a real juicer.  So, I once I make that purchase I will do the juicing reboot and let you all know how it goes.  I am looking forward to it!

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